Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now that is dedication

The other day MrT and I were at Wal Mart. I love to people watch at the Wal Mart, always some very interesting peeps.

This post isn't about who I saw but what I saw:

I know the picture isn't the greatest, but yes that is a treadmill strapped to the top of a Honda Civic.

I have to admire that kind of dedication. Perhaps the deal was too good to pass up and they just had to have it right away or perhaps they were on their way to get rid of it. I had to get a closer look. I walked over to it and there was a blanket under the treadmill so that the roof would not get scratched, and the amount of jack straps to hold that thing on there would make any man jealous. The tread mill itself was circa 1985, perhaps it was a great deal.

At this point, I thought: "Why would you make a stop at the Wal Mart?" If I was trying to make sure that it was secure and make it home safe, any stops would seem unnecessary.

This whole experience made me laugh the whole way home. I am not sure why I even found it amusing. Even now, I am still laughing to myself.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today is BOAT DAY!

Today is the day that the boat comes out of dry storage! I think there might still be ice, but we are troopers and that is what wet suits are for! Can't wait for the really warm weather and to jump in the lake:)

I am fairly jealous of Roger and LindyLoo, I want a boat! I am currently short a large sum of money to buy one so I will have to mooch off the parentals for another year.

C2 LOVES the boating action. Roger and LindyLoo have already purchased new flippy floppies and a life vest for him. He talks about them every day, and is constantly asking where his grandpa's boat is. Well today, my little friend, the boat comes out of hiding!

LindyLoo said they were going to take it out of storage and just drive south. To this I suggest that we all move to St. George so that boating can be a year-round activity.

Some of my fondest memories are from family boating trips. I remember our first trip to Lake Powell. It was the first and last time we ever camped there. We are more of boat during the day and stay in a hotel at night peeps. I love going to Lake Powell! It is so beautiful there and peaceful. I wish that I could move to Page, Arizona and boat everyday!

There are so many summers that were spent just on the boat. I grew up about 20 minutes away from Deer Creek Reservoir and we went there almost every day. The wind and the fresh water are amazing.

Thank you for going along with me on this trip down memory lane, it was at least fun for me:)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Awesome Giveaway!

Hey guys! My friends over at http://laffy-daffy.blogspot.com/ are doing an awesome giveaway! These step stools that they make are so adorable and sturdy. Leave a comment on their blog and you are entered to win! These peeps are great and they make the cutest stuff, drop on by and check em out. This one is my personal favorite because it describes me in the best way!