My Peeps

MrT:  The coolest kid EVER!  We met almost 4 years ago, we instantly knew that we were two peas in a pod.  We never really dated, just kinda became us.  He is from California and got to Utah by accident.  I am sure glad that car broke down:)

C2:  Our little one.  He is a handful and he is a perfect mix of the two of us.  He is a nestle quick addict and not affraid to admit it.  He loves sippy cups and legos (I hate legos).  He is bribeable, he will behave for a whole four hours if you buy him a happy meal.  Useful information uncovered by MrT.

Brutus: She is my best friend and sis.  She has always been there for me and I could never ask for a better friend.  She truely gets me, and we are often caught saying the same thing at the same time.  Yes we are that cool.

Roger: Grandpa, current hobbies:  sugaring up C2 and leaving back to Idaho, boating, writing and enjoying being an empty nester.

LindyLoo: Grandma to C2.  Current hobbies: awesome mom, boating, buying cute kid clothes and working again.

BFF: My old boss, her and I were friends from day one and I couldn't live with out her!  We love to bull shit on the phone and talk about her white trash neighbors.  Infact we often point and laugh at them:)