Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back at it!

I had a blog once apon a time, I never posted on it... clearly the next best thing to do is start another one. Honestly I can't remember the username and password for the last one, so I am starting from scratch.

I have been reading startswithanx.com, and I have been laughing my ass off. I could never be as clever as her, but I am going to start trying. So thanks to a friend of a friend for getting me back on the wagon.

We are three, Well call 'em MrT, MrsT (me) and C2. MrT and I have been together for almost 4 years. We met through some friends and just kind of became us. We have a small one: C2. He is the perfect mix of the two of us. He is a Nesquick addict and isn't afraid to admit it. Hey, we don't hate or judge.

I have decided to start this blog up because I have a lot of thoughts that often wonder through my mind and I never say them out loud. Perhaps MrT is the only one who appreciates my humor and sarcasm, but none the less, I feel compelled to share.

The other day I was driving up to my favorite coffee and thinking to myself; what happens when you fall out of other peoples lives? I know it is a deep subject for the first post, but I am going to delve into it. I am approaching a 10 year high school reunion next summer and I can't help but think: "Does anyone I went to school with really care what happened to me?" I have about 5 people I still talk to from high school. They are aware of what is going on in my life, they know I have a husband and a kid, they know I work for Check City... I have a pretty normal life. Then I start to think about all the people that come and go from our lives and I wonder if I had any sort of impact on them. I know that there are people that were in my life that made an impact and I never thought to thank them for that. I can't imagine (and would rather not) the impact that I have made on other people. I have lost touch with a lot of people over the years and even though I am sad for it, I think that people are in our lives for a certain reason and for a certain time.

I have promised myself to post more often and I can't promise that it will be anything life changing, but please check back!

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