Friday, March 5, 2010

Wet Willies

This post is about Wet Willies.

When I was growing up, Roger always gave willies, dry ones. You would be sitting there in church, nodding off and BAM! Finger in the ear. I prefer wet willies. MrT does not even flinch when given one. I find that rather strange...

Anyway; I taught C2 how to give them and now he thinks they are the funniest thing ever. He is great at it too. We were goofing around the other day and he stuck his whole finger in his mouth and screamed "WILLIES". I hid under the blanket and he still found my ear and proceeded with his orginal plan. I have decided that he has the perfect sized finger for it. It is aproximately the same size as a Q-Tip and fits just right in the opening of your ear.

I am proud to say that I taught him this excellent talent and can't wait for Roger to come visit. Payback is awesome!

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