Monday, July 5, 2010

Sparklers RULE

I think today is the official holiday... well all the banks are closed and Check City has been slammed all day so it is clearly the holiday.

At the Turton household we celebrated all weekend. BBQs and relaxing to the max! I had a lot of customers ask me what we were going to do for the holiday and since I have a husband and a three year old boy, I told them we would be lighting things on fire. And that we did.

Last year C2 loved the fireworks and couldn't get enough of them. This year was about the same. C2 adheres to a strict policy of Cautious Optimism. If he is excited about something, he is super excited only until it is close up. Then he backs up and enjoys from afar.

So the night went something like this: MrT would light the firework and C2 would then run like crazy to the garage and watch from there. When the firework went out he would run back down the driveway screaming "Do it again Daddy! Do it again Daddy!" This went on for about an hour before he finally got tired and just sat in my lap.

C2 and MrT are the same in that they love to light things on fire. The sparklers were the favorite of the evening. Every time C2's went out he would come running back and screaming for more.

He can't get enough of them to be honest, and really who can? They are my favorite too.

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