Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grocery Shopping

I am terrible at grocery shopping, that being said I still go every week. I have two jobs at the grocery store, entertain C2 and push the cart. Sometimes I get sent to the grocery store on my own and it usually ends up being a disaster. I wander around in a daze trying to remember what I came for and how much MrT needed. I usually end up having to call him and ask what aisle I should be in and what quantity is required. I don't have the discipline for the grocery store. I am one of those people that can walk down every aisle in the Wal Mart with no real need for anything. Just checking things out. Don't leave me alone in the Costco, I tend to get lost and they have to page me from customer service saying that my party is looking for me.
MrT is a man with a plan at all times. Even grocery shopping has a very precise attack plan. He knows what he is going to buy and he knows where everything is in each store we go to. I often wonder what people are thinking when they see us in the grocery store. MrT is usually looking through a handful of coupons and adding things up in his head and C2 and I are usually playing silly games. Talk about role reversal. It must be a pretty funny thing to watch.
I will always remember our first trip to the grocery store. I had just moved to Vegas and we had finished unloading the truck, we had $50 and it had to last for two weeks. I remember the anxiety driving to the Food-4-Less, how were we ever going to make it that long on $50? I was so super impressed that day. MrT filled the entire cart and calculated that we would have about $10 left over, I was skeptical, but he estimated right.
So now that you know that MrT has turned grocery sport into an Olympic sport, I must tell you his biggest pet peeve. When we pull up to the check out line, MrT's face distorts slightly and his breathing gets a bit faster. He unloads the cart in the precise way that he would like his groceries to be bagged. I am not kidding either, he really does. Sometimes he gets lucky and the customer service manager will bag his food, but most times his efforts go unnoticed by the 16 year old, throwing the shampoo in with the bread. By the time the cart is full again MrT's face is bright red and he looks as if he were going to explode. This, however, is not the worst of it. The almost boiling point is when he puts the bags in the Jeep. He continues to grumble and moan and eventually there are cuss words involved. When we get home all hell breaks loose. There are three dogs and a three year old running around checking out all the bags. MrT is on the verge now because he also has a plan for putting the groceries away. Since the bagger put the avocados in with the canned goods it totally blows the putting away plan out of the water. At this point I banish the dogs, C2 and myself to the back yard.
When the groceries are all put away, life goes back to normal and stays that way, until next week.

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