Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To Have or Not to Have

So congratulations to my cousin over at The Allers! She and D were just blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Is it in women DNA to see a baby and want one? I know that I sound slightly on the crazy side this morning but seeing that baby girl made my hormones go into over drive. MrT and I have had the discussion many times about having another baby and it always comes down to this: I want one, but I am I ready for the all-nighters and screaming baby and all that comes with a new born. MrT is mostly neutral about the whole situation. He says that if I want another one, it's cool if not, that is cool too.

The latest conversation was more decisive than any other of the previous ones. We decided that perhaps we should have another one when C2 goes to kindergarten. That sounds like a good plan right?

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