Saturday, May 1, 2010

Under Budget!

I am proud to say that MrT and I have completed our purchases for our move. We had a very tight budget to follow and we even calculated the tax down the the penny.

I am even more proud to say that we are done and we came out $100 under the proposed budget. We spent less on a living room set than we had budgeted and found two other purchases on sale.

At this juncture I can't figure out why the government can not operate under their proposed budget? If MrT and I only have so much money, we can only buy so many things and we have to make sacrifices other places. For example we have all pitched in and gone with out a few things. MrT is going with out cable for the next little bit, I am not getting my nails done and C2 has graciously given up marshmallows for the time being.

Currently there is a lot of debate about the Education Budget here in Utah. They are talking about laying off the teacher's aids and teachers. Leaving the remaining teachers with bigger classes and fewer materials to teach with. This seems so backwards to me. Why are we allowing law makers to spend money on frivolous Pork Belly projects and not demanding they put the money back into Education? I think that education should be our number one priority, if the children leave school without any idea how to spell or add how do we expect them to get decent jobs and provide for their families?

I know I have gotten terribly off subject here, but I can't help it sometimes. Off the soap box for now and back to the moving.

This move is a big deal for us and we are happy to make the extra sacrifices to be able to do it.

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