Tuesday, May 4, 2010

True Honesty

So Jessa (aka Brutus) from http://mtybf.blogspot.com/ is my little sister and she has tagged me. I am trying extra hard to be hip to the blogging world so here it goes.

10 things you may or may not know about me

1. Honesty. MrT and I are adamant about being honest with one another. We feel like our marriage is really worth it and we are always honest. Besides, I am a terrible liar, always have been. I get all red in the face and instantly feel bad about it and come clean about it. MrT, Roger and LindyLoo are excellent at detecting it btw.

2. I LOVE to scrapbook! My BFF always makes fun of me and says it is because I was raised LDS and it must come with the territory. I have found that C2 loves to help, especially with the scissors. This new found knowledge has led to less time to scrapbook seeing that I don't want his eyes or the dog's eyes poked out.

3. I truly believe in True Love. People are jaded and worn and they will tell you that it doesn't exist. I know that it does because I truly love MrT and I want to be married to him for the rest of our lives. I waited a long time to find him, and took some really awful roads to get here, but now that I have MrT I wouldn't trade him for anything. He really is the best husband out there. He really cares about me and C2 and works so hard to make sure that we have everything we need. He often goes without so that we can buy groceries or gas or whatever.

4. My favorite color is PINK. I have a pink scooter to prove it. I often buy things simply because they are pink, not because they will match anything. My new pad has a whole room painted pink and I might just move in and take it over. Unfortunately wearing pink is slightly out of the question for me, it doesn't mesh well with my freckles, kinda makes me look like a third grader.

5. I get fairly irritated sometimes. For many years I have suppressed the urge to let my feelings out. I always kind of feel like others don't really care how I feel. I am turning the page on this habit. If someone has something to say about how I feel, they can kiss it! I am an adult and I have the right to an opinion and the right to express it. I am now refusing to be walked on, I have my ass-kicking boots on.

6. I love to dance... and not in any special fashion. I love to go to the club and shake it! When I was single and did the club/bar scene it always irritated me when guys wanted to rub up against me and call it dancing. That is not dancing! Leave me alone and let me work it. Even now, I turn on old school BEP and rock it in the kitchen with C2. I must admit that I am slightly out of shape these days and I can't hang for as long as I used to, but a few more times on the pretend treadmill and I will be back to my old self.

7. I am insecure. I always feel like I am coming up short in life. I feel like there is a lot expected of me and sometimes I can't quite hit the mark. MrT is excellent at reminding me that I am perfect the way I am and that I am doing just fine.

8. I love my job. I am so happy to work at Check City. The owner is awesome and he really goes the extra mile to make sure we are happy. My boss is always there for me and she makes it really easy to do my job.

9. Country music is my vice. I didn't always prefer it though. When I was young, I listened to the Cranberries, Sheryl Crow, Pearl Jam. What can I say, I was a child of my generation. Roger listened to country and I constantly made fun of him. He was driving my home from a soccer game one day and since he was driving he got to pick the music (a law in any Belnap car). A song came on the radio called Strawberry Wine and I was totally hooked. I went straight home turned my radio to the country station and listened to it night and day until I heard that song again.

10. I have an addiction. I am addicted to snow cones. I can't wait for Memorial Day because that is when the snow cone shacks open. It is only 27 days away.

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