Monday, March 15, 2010


So it was my birthday this past weekend. I love birthdays, they are a huge deal to me. I am not just talking about my birthday, all birthdays. I love celebrating them and relishing that the whole day should be about the birthday kid.

I have noticed that as the years have gone by; I have gotten significantly less excited about my own birthday. This year marks 28... not a huge number but still a larger number than 10 years ago. Isn't it crazy how different your life is in 10 years. I graduated 10 years ago and I thought that nothing could ever go wrong. I have learned that nothing really ever goes wrong, just different than you had planned.

Roger and LindyLoo came to get C2 on Friday. They took him to Idaho for the whole weekend... Now, I understand that all parents need a break sometimes, and this break was a huge learning experience for me and MrT. We had all these huge plans, we were going to go out, stay out late, sleep in and do whatever we wanted. We discovered that 98% of our lives revolve around C2 and without him around we were extremely LAME! I am talking way lame. We went out to dinner, we didn't order drinks so we thought we would stop at the bar on the way home. We stayed there for aproximatley 10 minutes and left. It was about 9:30 and we were ready for bed. Saturday went about the same way, who does that? I mean a whole weekend with no kid and all we really wanted to do was be at home in our sweats and slippers.

Needless to say, we really missed the kid. It was so quiet around the house and I missed the wet willies and chasing him around the house.

I have learned that being a mom is the greatest thing I have ever done and I am so glad that MrT and I have C2. I am so greatful for MrT and C2 and I couldn't live without them.

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