Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is what happens...

I have three pugs, they are naughty! Most of the time I can deal with the naughty, but Heineken took to a whole new level this past week.

Heineken will follow C2 around all day and pick up whatever he drops. She eats everything. Her favorites are Cheetos, french fries and most recently cheesy shells. I headed some shells up for C2 the other day and left them on the table. I forgot all about it and when I got out of the shower there were no more shells on the table and a bowl shattered all over the floor. She liked every piece clean. MrT swept up the glass and we went on our merry way.

Fast forward about two and a half days and surprise: Heineken is not feeling well. MrT took her to the emergency vet (please read: expensive vet) and they did an x-ray. Low and behold there was a piece of glass lodged in her stomach.
Approximately $2000 later, this is what we are looking at. As you can see, she is not amused by the fact that she is wearing this, neither is she amused by Check City where she will be spending the next week with mom.

This picture as you can see in this picture: C2 is happy as pie that she is wearing the cone of shame:

Moral of the story: do not eat glass shards lest ye wear the cone of shame!

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