Monday, March 29, 2010

Um... I got nothing

I am a child of the late 80s and early 90s. I clearly realize what LindyLoo was talking about when she said that fashion would come back to haunt you. The clothes that she wore in high school came back in fashion when I was in high school and now the stuff I wore as a kid is coming back. I can think of only one thing that I wish would come back: slap bracelets.

I was not a fashionista growing up, I was uber awkward. I tried really hard to look cool, but always came up pretty short of my mark. I had the scruchie socks in neon orange, green and pink, I had the shirt tie and I hate to admit it buy I wore strechtie pants. Not a good idea for the fat kid, just in case you were wondering. None of this could have prepared me for what I came upon yesterday.
I was in the Wal Mart parking lot. I saw two separate people sporting a fanny pack. Yes the fanny pack has made its way back into our lives. Somethings should stay dead. The first one I saw was a lady who should have been on people of She was wearing Mom jeans and sneakers, with a fanny pack that she has probably owned since 1994. It was forest green and was everything you can imagine a fanny pack to be.
In the very same minute a kid got out of his car wearing Seven jeans, a shirt from American Eagle and a fanny pack made by Louis Vuitton. I kid you not. What is this world coming to? Seriously people, some things should stay dead, I wasn't joking.
At this point I am about to fall right over in the parking lot because I can not contain my laughter. As if a man-bag isn't bad enough, but now they are buying name brand (expensive) fanny packs. I must express my disappointment with Louis Vuitton, this can not be considered even slightly fashion forward.

Moral of the story: if you are a dude, please don't carry a man bag or wear a fanny pack, people will point and laugh at you, I promise.

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