Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Freedom Of Speech

I would like to take the opportunity to use Freedom of Speech. I love this right! I love that I can say what I want, listen to what I want and believe what I want. I think that we often take this for granted and we judge too harshly those who speak differently.

Freedom of Speech works both ways, I have the right to say it and I have to afford you the same right. Just because we don't agree doesn't mean that we can't both be right.

MrT and I see things pretty much the same way pretty much all the time. There have been a select few times when we remember things differently. Neither of us can prove who is right, so we just agree to remember it differently.

I am so sick of seeing grown men and women not allowing others to utilize their Freedom of Speech. We do not have to agree on everything, can't somethings just be left alone. The health care reform is killing me, I don't think there will ever be a middle ground. There is too much money to be made by the insurance companies and there are too many people without insurance. Clearly no middle ground to rush on to.

I know the system is broken and I think the solution is out there, but I do not think that pushing it through as fast as possible is going to fix anything, it will probably just make it worse.

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